Box lettering filling the area in the R

Have the word red and the wanting to fill it. but it fills the opening in the capital R and says mulit over to the slection I have never seen Mulit before

Can’t work out what you mean by this. Can you elaborate or better yet, take a screenshot of Preview showing this?

Multi is displayed when you have more than one sub-layer defined for the cut setting. If you look carefully either on the main Cut Setting window or after double-clicking the individual layer you should see multiple sub-layer tabs indicating a different cutting operation (line, fill, or offset fill).

How do I do a screen shot ,

You can directly upload or drag-and-drop images to the forum edit window.

As far as the R, without looking at the file directly I’ll assume one of the following conditions:

  1. The shape is not closed. Check for this by going to Edit->select open shapes to see if the shape becomes selected
  2. The R is not a single lined shape but is actually two overlapping shapes with one slightly larger than the other

As for the Multi, you can see that the C02 layer has a “1 Fill” and “2 Line” sublayers defined.

Figure out how to do thew screen shot does this make since?

Need the R filled biut it fills the hole in the R

Shape is closed checked that, not sure what you mean by single line shape

You need a shape representing the hole on the same layer as the outline of the R. Overlapping shapes in a Fill layer will become holes.

As an example, a single square would represent a shape with just a single line all around. In contrast, if you had two concentric squares where the inside and outside edges were 2 mm apart you’d have a 2 mm wide square ring.

Does that shape need to be in the red as shown? when I do that, it fills the shape, or should it be in a different color. I used to do this but the last year haven’t been able to run the computer

If you’re trying to make a hole both the inside and outside shapes need to be on the same layer/color.

This is whats happening

Confirm that the outline is indeed only a single shape. Click and move away. It may also be a grouped set of objects so ungroup a few times as well to confirm.

Dose this help Group and ungroup are not available when I select the shape

Well I dont know if this was the correct way but what i did was to delete the center square used the offset tool made the letter of set to the inside and it seems to work just have to adjust some nodes And I think I got it.

I see you have gotten this sorted, which is great. I offer the following for others that may find it useful.

Thanks for your help, I guess I’m simple. Still not sure I understand you buts that’s my fault. thanks again

Here is another example of how LightBurn uses the boundary of shapes to toggle the fills on and off. The shape boundaries act as an On / Off switch for the fills.

And another to help visualize. Note the top set of shapes set to fill are the same shapes as below. :slight_smile:

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