Bridge plus Ruida remote app?

Don’t really know how to get hold of you other than a reply. One of the users wrote a Ruida control app for a cell phone. He wants to get it to work over the bridge (me too :slight_smile:

He had a couple questions about active ports on the Pi. Hopefully this won’t ‘bog’ you down too much.

It would be nice to be able to access the Ruida with my cell, at least for jogging and firing…

Here is the thread, I’ve given him about as much information as I know about the Pi bridge…



That will not work over the bridge - it uses TCP, not UDP. We’d have to open another port, receive those commands, and forward them to the correct port on the Ruida. It’s not impossible, just not something we’re going to prioritize at the moment.

The better way to bring this to our attention would be to make a new post and tag Adam or myself on it, or reply to the “remote app” post and make the request, or better still, actually make a request on Fider, where others can vote for it - this helps us prioritize things.

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