Bug identification?

In the two files attached in the message reply posted here, I discovered an anomaly. For the purposes of scaling the text to match, the size is set to 0.25 on the font feature toolbar.

What I’ve found is that when I attempted to add text to a position close to the original creation, the cursor would snap to the previous test. It appeared that I was unable to create any new text, but that was a misinterpretation.

I discovered today that it was necessary to zoom out, click some distance away from the original text, create the text and position it as desired.

This would imply that there is a parameter set to cause the cursor to snap to existing text for ease of editing, but that the parameter does not adjust for zoom level or tiny scale text.

Object Snap Distance is measured/set in pixels. So, it kind of does adjust for zoom level.

I just checked my settings, which for that parameter is 2 pixels. It’s snapping over the entire screen when the text is 0.25 height. Perhaps it is a bug and not a setting misstep.

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