Bug report - Cut palette SUPER small

Hello, first time posting here.
Sorry if this is not in the right section or is missing valuable data.
Version: 0.9.20
Bug: Cut palette (bottom left corner by default) Is super tiny and can be interacted with but you can’t even see the empty squares with how tiny it is.
Fix/Work around: Went into settings and bumped up the tool icon size, and now no matter how small I try to make them I can’t make them as small as they were when bugged.


Could you paste a screenshot of the whole screen.

I can but I can’t reproduce the issue anymore. Once I changed the icon size it snapped out of this weird mode and now even if I move the slider all the way to the left (smallest) it does not get as small as it was at first.

In my screenshot, that tiny blue box over the 9 in 986.00 was the size of the cut palette.
I was able to switch between colors by clicking in the grey areas there but as you can see, there are not even shapes for the unselected colors/numbers.

This has been seen only once before, but the resolution to their issue was kind of drastic. :wink:

Hahahaha, l see what you did there

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