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This may come across as a stupid question but please bare with me. I just purchased my first laser and have been doing as much research as I can to make sure that everything runs smoothly once I start actually doing project. I found a burn test generated linked from this forum, however when I import it into lightburn the settings seem to be way off.

I have since gone through and made each square its own layer with the speed and power that I would like to be used for that engrave or cut

Can someone just clarify for me if this was necessary and if so maybe point to why the generator isn’t implementing those settings by itself?

The generator I am referring to is the o2creative one found here: Lightburn PowerScale Generators - O2 Creative

Here is what I am seeing from your links.

If image, just copy and paste, drag and drop or use the ‘Upload’ button.

Fixed, Thanks you!

What does “way off” mean, exactly?

You do not need to have each shape on a different layer. Using ‘Power Scale’, you could have 100 shapes produced at different power levels, all form a single layer. While this was produced over 3 years ago (:exploding_head:), the concept is the same.

This entire post is worth review.

You have not shared how you have set that tool, what you expected, nor what the resulting produced. If you provide the details, @glennwilton (the author of that neat tool) and others might be able to offer useful feedback and suggest some workflows that should work for you.

The information on power scaling completely answered my question. Thanks

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