Burning/engraving inverted text/logo

Hello friends,

Looking for a good way to burn (engrave) everything outside of text/logo for a client. I’ve been playing around with a bunch of different settings but can’t find anything that will do what I’m looking for.

Short story is they want everything outside of their logo/text to be burnt but everything else to be untouched. (personally I think it’s gonna end up looking dumb but you do what gotta do lol)

Anyone have any good suggestions? Thx


Are you burning concrete, with a 2 watt laser? Just teasing, might want to add more information since there is none here to advise you about anything.

Best to start with understand how LightBurn used boundaries to define the area to be filled.

Another example:

Select ‘all’ and put the outer line on a seperate layer ‘line’.
Put the rest on the same layer.
Then read next post below :thinking:

The inner lines which you want to ‘cut’ out ‘duplicate’ each one and put on seperate layer.
According to my preview that should work.
Hopefully it works for you.

It’s just a quick example but i think it’s what you’re after.

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