Burning on two machines at the same time

So not thinking tonight I started burning one project on my diode, thinking it was in its memory or that Lightburn would handle it, I started a project on my CO2 and it halted the diode. Thinking now, it makes sense it would do this,

Question to the community, is there any solution other than pulling in another computer? I’m running Mac. Is it possible to buy another seat of Lightburn or perhaps there is a different version that can handle this?


You’d open multiple instances of LightBurn.

Take a look here:

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Good old Apple never fails to make it interesting. Guess my key word search game is kinda lame. Glad there is a work around though.


So @adammhaile, if I’m reading correct, a new option will soon be available for Mac to open a second window to control dual lasers at the same time? I assume next release? Will be great if so.

Yes - that should be in the 1.4 release which should be out soon. Each instance is independent other than shared prefs.

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Awesome!! Thanks

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