Burnt out cable

Hi guys/girls need your help
My ortur 2 20w cable that goes from the small board to the laser has burnt out and now my laser doesn’t work any ideas where I can get a new one.

Been searching all day but don’t know what it’s called to pin down the search.

Perhaps @OrturTech can send you in the right direction.

If you have a ‘good’ computer repair shop near you give it a try, maybe they could make you one.

My first question would be ‘why has the correct cable burned out under normal use?’, not where can I get a replacement.

The scorching indicates something went horribly wrong, from an electronic perspective.

Thanks for the info, lock down has closed the computer shops around my way.
I think 2 of the wires have been touching as I found that the wires were bare as they went into the connector.

Getting one made sounds like a plan but maybe a little longer, I’m thinking it was pulling when it was at its limits and that’s why the wire was showing because it has been pulling it out at times.

I had a similar problem so i bought a lead off of amazon.
I needed one with a 4 wire connector, when it came it was a little larger than the original.
It was 4 short wires with a connector, used fine sand paper to get it to fit and taped the wires together to make them a little longer, works great…

Thanks kris, I have heard back from ortur and they are going to send me a new one so good new on that just got to wait for it to turn up upto 6 week (China) I’ll probably sort something temp until it arrives, it’s like losing one of my kids. Lol :joy:

Sorry to hear about your loss :pensive:
21st century, you’d think it would be here the next day or so.
Guess China decided it would be safer on foot.
Hope you can get a temp fix in the meantime. :+1: