C02 or fiber laser?

Perhaps they made a mistake with saying its a motorized z axis because it comes with EXCad2, but please tell me if I am correct in assuming a tower extension will do the same thing as a longer tower?


Im confused with the need for having different lens sizes. If a bigger lens will cover a wider area ie 300mm but will create the same power if you want to engrave ie 40mm, why would you want any other lens apart from a big one? Or is it simply to do with focusing the height?

Here below is part of the email I got regarding the fiber laser MOPA machine

Fiber laser is different with CO2 gantry laser, the lens determins the working size. There are few different size of lens, such as 70X70mm 110X110mm 150X150mm 175X175mm 210X210mm and 300X300mm. 70X70mm lens means the max marking size is 70X70mm., 300X300mm means the max working size is 300X300mm. the smaller size the lens is, the better beam and stonger the laser is. the bigger size the lens is, the weaker power is. so if we want deep marking, we should use smaller lens, when we want bigger file marking, we can use bigger size lens. We will send 2pcs lens with the machine, you can choose the lens size. and we will calibrate both lens for you before delivery

Doesn’t matter the machine, a lens pretty much works the same way, on a co2 or on a fiber.

As you shorten the focal length, the spot becomes smaller. Same power over a smaller spots reacts like a higher power laser with a larger spot.

It’s all numbers… power doesn’t change, just the area of the spot changes, this has the appearance of higher power.

I use an F254mm for most of my stuff… it covers about a 175mm square. It’s relatively high so I have room to work under it. An F100mm lens gives me little room to work in and align the part.

Make sense?

As for the Z … you can motorize the Z axes, doesn’t mean it it will be able to be driven from software… like a manual step/move switch for the operator.

I don’t know the abilities of these boards…


Good choice with going with a lesser machine… But depending where your at, what I seen the most out here in the US are something like Longer, or Orutr those seem the two most poular is what I was told when I started and the are ceartainly less expensive models out there. But it really is a personal choice and your preferance. The Longer I have came as a 40 Watt and then the Ortur I upgraded the Laser head and made a couple of other modification got that to a 40 Watter and while it a great litle machine I don’t feel it does the job I want it to do for me. But hey, I know for a fact that, there are a lot of other folks into this far further than I’ve dared to venture for two/three reasons. I Time and Money, and being married for over 40 years I think I want to stay married… Any case I’m sure that you can get a whole lot of better answer from other’s out there - And Good luck, Don’t forget have fun…