C3D Laserboard Crashing

Hi All,

I could really do with some intelligent input.

I have a K40 that was previously ‘upgraded’ to RAMPS by it’s former owner, that I’m bringing up to date with a C3D laser board.

The installation went swimmingly, which is surprising, and I had a couple of good test runs on very simple shapes. I’m having issues with the board crashing on anything other than the most basic shapes. Vector text? Flip a coin. Raster? HaHa! Simple shape line & fill, or cross hatch - possibly, as long as there’s only a couple of shapes on the Output.

I’m getting nowhere on the C3D board at the moment, they could be low on staff, and the 'Rona is putting a pinch on things I’m sure, and as I’m UK based I’m sure they don’t want to ship a new board, but I’m kinda desperate!

The symptoms are that it will frame fine (with the exception below), and at normal speeds, but when it goes to start the burn it will typically crash at first point of engraving, or maybe get a smidge in to it then crash. It also seems to have a hissy and ‘forget’ how big the bed is and crash in to the X gantry, but if you frame the whole bed then it will frame it OK. Yes, the bed is set up correctly in LB. It seems that basically if there is ‘too much’ g-code going to the board then it just throws its hands up and shouts ‘I’m done - can’t you see I’m trying to self-isolate here!’

Firmware is up to date, and Config.txt is out-of-the-box standard.

When it crashes it will drop the L2 LED, but I don’t know what that means exactly. It will eventually come back up though, but I often need to do a reset to get it back in order, but not always.

I’ve reflashed firmware, reflashed config, used LB in both Windows and Mac, changed the USB cable (official C3D as well as ‘proper’ printer USB cable). Even when ‘idle’, it will drop comms and crash, then come back up again.

I have the GLCD for it, and the above happens both with and without it. I can always tell when it’s ‘on the edge’ though as I get artifacting in the display when the board is having a hissy.

I’ve also tried removing laser power from the board, removing x, then y, then x & y, then x & y & laser power. I’ve ground everything, and I’ve even gone so far as to remove the board to be external to the machine on a wooden platform to ensure that there are no shorting issues.

I’m really at a loss here!

What you’re likely seeing is a brownout caused by puling too much power, power noise from other things on the same line as the laser, or improper grounding.

Go through this list as a starting point: How to troubleshoot connection issues with USB

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