Cable management on a DX1 Pro

Anybody using a drag chain for the cable management on a DX1 Pro machine? Mine is the 40 Watt…

I’m not using a drag chain, but I did have a bit of issue homing with how the instructions wanted it routed. I described the problem here;

Along with how I rerouted my cabling and haven’t had an issue since. I have the 10W Pro, but I figure the cable route will be the same.


Not yet, but I did buy the chains a while back.
The ones I found:

are a tad larger than I had hoped for, but the availability of the smaller ones seems to be a bit poor.
At least over here.
I forgot to buy the connectors, so that’s one thing that holds me back on that particular project.

As the machine works adequately as-is, the priority on that project is rather low.
But as want to route the air assist tube and the head-mounted camera cable through that same chain, at some point I will find time to make the necessary modifications.


I actually already bought the chain, just haven’t put it on yet…