Calibrating dot-width correction without a powerful microscope

I’m using a diode laser with a theoretical .04mm dot. Dot-width correction is explained in detail in a video here: dot-width correction
In the examples, they use a very powerful microscope in order to see and correct dot-width. I’ve looked into inexpensive USB microscopes that make big claims, but I don’t think they would be powerful enough to render a .06mm dot burn at a useful size. The USB Microscope “lie”

Does anyone know of a method to calibrate dot-width without equipment like this, or is the only way to run a bunch of tests and make an aesthetic choice?

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I use a lithography loupe and they have diamond loops with higher power.

I can see pretty good on dots I think are in the 0.05mm (508dpi) range… You might be surprised about the usb, I was… relatively junky but work amazingly well for the price.

I have a nice microscope (big & bulky) but I find it much easier to use the loupe…

Good luck


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