Camera accuracy betwen camera on laser head and above the bed

I read about camera mounting to laser head, and lightburn plan to update their system, the question which one is the best accuracy for placing and tracing? Mounted to laser head or above the bed?

if you want to place things on the work surface, a camera above the work surface is better.

if you have a cut job where there are registration points for reading, a camera on the laser head is better.

Which one better, 170 degre camera or 90 degree for best accuracy?

90 degree mounted higher will give better accuracy, because the 170 degree warps the image really severely, and that has to be ‘un-warped’, which costs some accuracy.

Thx for the info, i tried to buy camera from you, but the shipping cost and tax very expensive…
Is ok If i use the camera modul that sold near me?
It says 4K 13 Mpx , 85 degree non distortion lens.
Any good?

Personally speaking better to buy from Lightburn, they will give you support until it works, unlike the camera manufacturer. So it may cost a little more upfront but in the long run you have the support.

Whether it will work depends on many factors including drivers, your computer OS, libraries you have installed, and more. On Windows 8 and up LightBurn should work with any USB camera. There are some that don’t work well, but the list is shrinking.

This I cannot possibly answer from your description.

Thx for your response, i do agree

what would you reccomend for 600x900, this is the laser
Do you measure door closed or open? Thanks

We get asked this a lot. :wink: That’s why I made it a 'Quick Tip"!

Question: we have purchased a 140 degree LB camera. The distance from bed to opened lid is 30 inches. When mounted with opened lid and before calibration, the focus is not great. This is a manual focus camera. Adjusting the focus does not help.

Should we have purchased a different LB camera for a mount distance of 30 inches to get a sharp focus on object being capture?

The engraving bed is set to highest point and lid is opened to normal stopping point.

When do you get “extreme fisheye”? Too close, too far distance of camera?

Is there a formula (distance, camera degrees) to obtained a “well focused and calibrated camera”?


30" = 762 Millimeters

You identify something in your profile listing but I am not going to assume this is the size of the bed.

You can use the tools we provide here in the forum, in the documentation or inside LightBurn software itself using ‘Help’→’Camera Selection Help’.

Thanks for your response. We will order a 60 degree camera

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