Camera Alightment - Laser Jog

Saw some other posts from 2021 with the same issue, but they were never answered.

I calibrate my camera, but when I put items on the bed and click on the overlay the laser over shoots the location I want. Here are some photos.

Here is where I click to have the laser jog to.

Here is where the laser goes to.

Another issue (I think) is I see the full camera image in the camera tab, but the overlay is much smaller.

Here again is the full laser bed

Here is the full overlay.

Im trying to get text lined up via the camera, so needless to say this is an issue for me :confused:

I have a Comgrow/Comgo Z1 Pro

Is your camera fixed statically to the machine frame? The camera settings are very sensitive, a few millimeters difference in height or angle and you cannot use the settings for serious use anymore.

In general, that’s the worst way to do it, because it requires a whole bunch of adjustments remain absolutely correct.

A fixture holding the object (or many objects) at a known location on the platform, combined with Absolute Coordinates and accurate & dependable homing, will do exactly what you want.

A previous discussion along the same lines:

However, if your laser frame can move independently of the platform / honeycomb, as seems to be the case from the pictures, then they don’t have a fixed relation and that won’t work.

You can use a fixture with Print and Cut targets to align the pattern to the fixture, regardless of where it is on the platform. I did that with some plant tags:

Basically, you align the template to the fixture, drop the tags in the fixture, and everything lines up perfectly. If you don’t jostle the laser frame or the fixture, you can do as many tags as you want without ever thinking about alignment.

Yes it is fixed on the machine and has just been calibrated.

Ya I get all this, but this doesnt answer my question or really solve the problem of why it is SO far off. There is more to it that just jostling it has just been freshly calibrated

There are only a few things that can make alignment dil not fit anymore. When the focus height and the coordinates with which the camera is adjusted have not changed, then I have no idea where your problem lies. I use my camera setup regularly and very rarely need to readjust it. If I forget to compensate for the changed material thickness, I get the bill immediately.

Yeah im not trying to be difficult, im trying to use an example to explain the issue. Its crazy, I pick a spot and its like …maybe…40mm off, no mater what i do. Coming off a fresh calibration and all.

Something is drastically off. Laser is crashing all over the place.

I certainly don’t have that impression.
You have a real problem that is iritizing. I will reshape my first answer to you.
Camera installation under Lightburn has never been easy or fast and the result is, as I have said before, much dependent on few conditions. However, when they are fulfilled and you still can’t make it work properly, a Lightburn problem may not be excluded. It’s just incredibly difficult to find the cause because it works out for many others. Whether it depends on the camera model or one’s laser - I have no idea. It could be that one of Lightburn’s professional people could help you.

I “know” that Lightburn intensely worked on a total renovation of the camera module, but how far they have reached or when it will be present for testing or release - I don’t know.

I think the problem is larger than just the camera module/idea.

I think the laser it self is not “calibrated” properly. When I have it do a job in the middle of the bed, it crashes when it comes back home.

Im not sure where to start. Maybe I’ll look to see if there is a factory firmware or config in an attempt to start from scratch.

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