Camera alignment file not running properly

I calibrated and aligned my camera in October. I was brand new to EVERYTHING laser, so most likely it was user error…I never was able to get it to work right. Today I tried to re-do everything with the camera. I think my problem began in calibration as it would not read the dots in fisheye, but read them perfect in standard. Even though that felt sketchy, I continued onto alignment. Everything framed right, and was seeming to run perfect until it was time for the laser to print the circle in the center of the alignment page. The laser went up and out if frame, and just above that, it finished up with the 3 and 4. It’s done this 3 times now. It etched the numbers 3 and 4, as well as the cross hatched circles onto my honeycomb frame. Lol. Looks pretty!

I have unhooked the laser from the computer, uninstalled and reinstalled Lightburn (hoping it would allow me to calibrate in a fisheye lens), but Lightburn is smart. It remembers everything.

Can someone please tell me what I need to do? Since this probably sounds confusing, I attached a photo of what printed out for the alignment page. Thanks in advance!

The camera calibration file is just a file, and there’s nothing about the camera that will cause a file to run wrong. If the file doesn’t run properly on the computer then you’re either trying to run it too fast, or your engraving parameters aren’t set properly and it’s losing steps when run. What do you have the speed set to when you run the file?

Also, which version of the software are you running, and on what type of computer system? I can post the camera file in a format you can just run by itself, but you’ll likely have the same problems if you run it with the same settings.

Can you please post that file, im having trouble running it through the calibration wizard for some reason. Running version 0.9.09. whenever i get to the screen that tells me to press play to run it the pattern then the optimization window pops up, i hit ok, then the preview window pops up, i hit ok, then nothing happens after that.

You’re running a beta that I sent you within about a 15 minute window where that was broken. Use the link I sent you to download again - the file was corrected in-place.

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Thank you. Will do that now and retry!

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