Camera Alignment

Has anyone had issues with the alignment of the camera shifting?

I have a very solid mount and my door is on new struts, so I can’t imagine that is moving at all. After I do the alignment, it is perfect! The next day I will go to use it again and it is shifted. Wondering if there is something I am missing that would be causing this?

Have you changed the Z height, or position of the top of the material relative to the camera? Do the hinges in your lid have any side-to-side play in them? Is the camera mount itself rigid? (does it allow for adjustment, and if so, is it possibly moving a little?)

The part of the mount that attached to the lid was weak. I made a new one that is super beefy! This thing doesn’t move at all now! Which is why I was confused about the alignment getting off again. The lid/hinges are solid too!

But yes, I have moved the z-axis. I didn’t even think of that changing things. Do you have any recommendations for what to do if you need to move the z-axis around to get it back? Without having to redo the alignment again?

If you move the material so the top is at the focus point of your beam, your capture should be perfect. Camera alignment is accurate at that specific Z height where the calibration marks were. So focus when you do calibration, and focus before you capture, and it should all work as expected.

After I would do the calibration, it would be perfect! My issue has to be that I moved the z-axis. If I do calibrations at varying z-axis heights and save them, I should be able to record what height they were made at and just load them right?

You could, yes, but it’s not the Z height of the bed of the laser that matters - it’s the height of the top of the material. If you drop the bed 2" to accommodate material that’s 2" thick, the top of the material is still at exactly the same place as the calibration marks were, so no change is required.

If you change lenses, or change the height of your lens above the bed (like with a focus tube on the laser head) then you’d affect the camera calibration. It’s only if the distance between the focus height and the camera changes that you need to worry.

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