Camera blurry when capture taken

I tried with it covering 1/3. I could not get better than a .5. If i set them on the actual bed i get below .3

You need more border around it - that tape is really close to the dots.

It’s hard to tell from the picture, but do you have the card tilted up, or is it directly facing the camera? (it should be directly facing the camera).

This thread has some good info, and is recent:

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Oz, i did everything in the those posts. Could not get any better capture. I removed the lightburn camera and installed my old camera and i get from .01 and under. I guess i will have a lightburn camera for sale.

I wouldn’t trust that. Pay attention to the capture size with the old camera - the old camera likely captures at a much lower resolution, and the scores scale accordingly, so low res gets low scores kind of automatically. The system is measuring how far off the computed distortion is from the measured one, but it’s measured in image pixels. More pixels makes it a bit harder. The next release fixes this - it was difficult for me to get an 8mp camera to calibrate without adjusting the scores according to capture size.

Yea i am at a loss. If i run your camera the image is off. If i run my camera i get great scores but the image is off too. The only way to get it close is to mess with the width, height, x shift and y shift.

  • Do you run your machine with a pointer offset?
  • Have you ever calibrated the machine to verify that the size you request is actually the size that the machine cuts?
  • When you ran the marker alignment job, did you back out of that screen, then go back through it? If so, did you re-enter the scale value so it was the same both times?

Any time the camera calibration has been off by any significant amount, there’s been a reason. It doesn’t just happen - the math is solid, but it’s only as good as what it’s fed. If the laser isn’t homing to the same place, the lid doesn’t open to the same location, you change your focal point by using a lens tube to set focus instead of moving the Z, etc - any of those will mess up the calibration. We just have to figure out what’s causing it for you.

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The pointer is right on the center,
Per the calibration I have yet to do that but let me do that.
When i did the marker alignment, after every try i redo the entire thing.
Not sure why it is off but I am thinking maybe the machine calibration is off. Let me start there 1st. If that is ok then we can proceed to test the camera issue. I will get back to you with results.

Per the lid comment, I replaced the crappy lid hinges and added stable hinges with just about zero play. The lid struts are set with limit cable’s so that i am sure it opens to the exact position all the time so I am sure it is not a lid position issue. Let me run some calibration tests.

ok, i just ran a 2 inch by 2 inch square. It comes to 1.988x 1.988. very close but not exact. I dont think this is my issue as the image is off by more than that

Here you can see the offset. The circle was done above the overlay. Exactly on the circle. Laser cuts way off

Are you in Absolute Coords mode?


(Hint: You have to be, otherwise the job goes to your user origin or current position, instead of where you’ve placed it on the workspace. The pending release of LightBurn forces this mode back on every time you take a camera capture, to make it much harder to forget)

Yes absolute

Any other Ideas Oz?

I’m at a loss. It has to be something you’re doing, or not doing, but I can’t think of what.

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