Camera calibration "file" that it burns on the laser

I have a larger bed, 24x36 basically and after calibrating the camera found it was pretty good centered, but out at the edges it was off a few mm.

Jason had mentioned in a facebook post, and you know you cannot refind those later, you could resize the target that lightburn burns onto your wood/text piece.

I cannot find that, someone know where to adjust the size of the “target” it sends to the laser? I am thinking of using 5 scraps out in the extreme edges to really calibrate in the camera for the larger bed.

One of the options in the camera alignment wizard as you’re preparing to burn the 4 target markers is a field for “Scale”. By changing that you can increase or decrease the spacing between the 4 targets.

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Thank you, does that work like a % to enlarge or true mm/inches between target centers?

Scale is percentage scaling from the base square. The base square is 180x180 mm. So 100% scale would retain the 180x180 mm square. 150% scale would be 50% larger than the base square.

This post and Topic covers this as well:

So 300% should be in the ballpark on a 600x800 bed.

The fellow that was asking about 200% from 180 on a400x400 work area shoild not havebeen out of bounds. 200% of 180 is 360, well under 400.

Unless that is target center to center was 180. Or the test grid is 180high by a wider width to exceed 200 so that 200% does the same.

That sounds about right. The target shapes themselves take up space and the corners of the 180x180 mm square intersect the center of each target. So you’ll need to account for the target size as well. Doing a framing operation will show you the bounds of the burn so doing that will provide assurance you’re within the dimensions of your laser.

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