Camera calibration - only overlaying a small portion of the cutting area

My camera is now align with my laser very well, however I only see a small portion of the cutting area. I have a gweike rf laser with a 20 x 11.5 cutting area, my camera only overlays center portion of the cutting area about 11" by 9", so I am not able to use a substantial amount of my cutting area when using the camera.

When doing the calibration it only recognize the dot pattern when it was closer to the center of the cutting area. Which I think is the source of the problem. Also I had no luck when I had set the camera to fisheye.

Is there anything that can be done to widen the camera overlay? I hate to go through another cameral calibration since what I do see is right on in terms of alignment.

When doing a camera alignment will it use it current alignment in subsequent camera calibration so I would see the dot pattern further away from the center?

Have you seen @BillieRuben’s guide to Gweike setup? There’s a section on camera setup there. I’m assuming that Gweike RF is similar other than the laser source but if it’s not the case then disregard.

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