Camera - CO2 / Ruida - It’ll work, then all of a sudden, not work

I get nothing but problems with the (an actual) Lightburn Camera on Windows 10.
It’ll work, then all of a sudden, not work. Rebooting LB and Windows is of no help.
I can use other apps to access the camera, with more success than LB.
THIS, IMHO is a SERIOUS issue for the LB developers. I waste more time
trying to get crap to work than I do having successful time using it.
Lightburn camera properties in the device manager say that it is functioning properly.

Thank you for reporting this. The Camera should not drop out.

The cameras supplied by OMTech for their Ruida-controlled CO2 Lasers have a powered USB cable that works as a signal booster for more than a couple of meters distance. The power supply in some powered cables may attenuate system noise out of the USB communications channel. With the LPS active, passive cables may act as an antenna and could carry spikes into the computer. The onboard noise supression hardware in the PC may be making the signal drop. We always recommend short, shielded USB cables with Ferrite Beads.

If the camera dropout behavior is being caused by noise from the LPS (Laser Power Supply) inside the cabinet of the laser engraver it would explain why other applications (applications that don’t control the laser) don’t cause the camera to shut down.

Do you connect to the Laser with USB or with an Ethernet Cable?

If you’re willing to capture a Debug Log for us to help our team resolve this unwanted behavior from your camera, the next time you use LightBurn with your Camera,

  • Click Help, Click Enable Debug Log and use LightBurn as you were previously.
  • When the Unwanted Behaviour presents itself again, Save your project and close lightburn.

LightBurn will Produce a Debug log in your Documents Folder called LightBurnLog.txt If the file is small, Feel free to upload it here. If the File is very large Please email it to and please include a link to this thread.

I moved your contribution to its own thread to reduce confusion with troubleshooting.

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