Camera control For Boss Laser

My Boss Laser 1420 does not seem to obey the controls from the cameral control box. In particular how do I send the laser head to a specific point. Also is the lens on the light burn cameral foucusable? mine seems a tad blurry when I zoom to the size I need to see things. Thanks

Mine looks like it has the lens casing melted so it can’t be adjusted.

Yes I half heartedly attempted to turn mine but it doesn’t seem to want to go.


There should be a very small spot of hot glue on the lens threads, but it is focusable. I held the base of the sensor (not the board) and used enough force to separate it from the glue, and was able to do this without breaking it. It made me nervous though.

When you say, “doesn’t obey the controls from the camera box” which ones are you referring to?

Glad I decided to read this thread. I had no idea you could break the glue seal to focus the camera if necessary.

I also had a user side-shear the camera sensor off the board, so be careful. He wasn’t trying to focus it - he had drilled a hole to poke the lens through, then bumped (I think?) the camera base and knocked the camera lens assembly from the board.

This is why I say to hold the base, where the lens threads into, while trying to focus. I did this and it was ok. If you break yours while attempting it, I’ll do cheap replacements or something. I’m going to ask the manufacturer if they can start sending them to me without the glue dot.

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I figured out the control issue…turned out to be a user issue :rofl: I mounted my camera using a combo of methods that were listed I basicaly made a clamshell of two pieces of acrylic and engraved deep enough to hold the card in place. It also had an additional inlay for the square portion of the camera. I was able to break the glue free with just a tad more force than I was comfortable using. I have not hooked up my laptop yet as I am at work. (my machine resides at my place of business) I will report back if all is functional.

This is why I say to hold the base, where the lens threads into, while trying to focus.

FYI, remember to do this before you mount the camera to the case so that you don’t have to disassemble :wink: Been there, done that. FWIW, I used a pair of needle nose pliers to grasp the square base of the lens and this appears to have worked without damage.

That big glob of glue that still remains on the threads is unfortunate. Haven’t got things fully mounted yet, so I don’t know whether I will need to change focus. If it needs to be focused by screwing out, I should be OK. If I need to screw the lens inward, the glob of glue could make that hard to accomplish.

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No one was around so I sneaked back and tested. All is good and a quarter turn made all the difference in the world. Also my light bar in my laser seems to wash out the image. It looks better with the light off fyi

The top image is yesterday the bottome image is today. I did discover that now my alignment seems off buy about 1/4 inch. I assume focus affected it. So should I recalibrate then realign or just realign.


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The amount you have to turn the lens for big changes is miniscule, you should be ok

I had to turn my light off too. Rather sensitive sensors. Now I think I need to adjust my focus and re-calibrate… damn it.

Yep I just did a realign not a calibrate and I am less than a millimeter off
Cut the inside of a fender washer using the camera control and it was perfect.

I am officially a fan :slight_smile:

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Seeing all this camera activity is making me jealous :grinning:

When will the new order from China be showing up?

We expect new shipment sometime after Valentine’s day due to Chinese New Year, so soon.

I just did few things using mine…Camera control is Awseome!!

I don’t think I am even a quarter mm off…This opens new doors and since I basically got laid off. (I no longer get a salary just commission…that ain’t gonna work for long) I need to make this machine make me money…this should help

The glue on the threads will just peel off as you twist the threads, and honestly that little remaining grip might help keep the lens in focus if it’s changed.

That looks great, David - happy to hear it’s all working properly for you.

This is probably the best tip of all when it comes to buying a new camera. I can’t stress people how important this is to do.

I just ordered the Boss Laser 1420

What degree lens did you get? I did not see a recommendation and the laser won’t be here for a while to measure.