Camera is not working


I’ve received my lightburn 90 degree cam today, plugged everything directly with the original cable but the cam is not in the list. When i try to start the Win10 camera app it says “no camera attached”

any ideas?


Try another USB port, as a start. Do you hear a ‘Ding!’ when you plug in the camera?

I already tried several ports and Rebooting. I don‘t hear the „Ding“.

Hi Michael, when installing my camera the USB cable to a bit of fiddling to get plugged into the camera. Are you happy with the connection. Also are you using an extension cable or directly plugged in

the fitting is great and it’s direct connected with the delivered cable.

I think the cable or the camera is broken, is there a possibilty to get the money back or a new one (without paying the costums in austria which was 30 dollar)

Mach doch bitte ein Foto wie das Kabel an der Kamera angeschlossen ist, es könnte eventuell verdreht sein.

@LightBurn can you please look at the photo

Yes, that is a camera. :slight_smile: Apologies, but I don’t see anything wrong there. If you don’t get any sound from Windows when connecting it, it’s possibly a bad camera, so we will send a replacement.

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