Camera showing no image

I haven’t used Lightburn in a long time. Now after several months I wanted to burn something and surprise - the camera shows nothing more.
A few months ago it worked -100%.

Now I read that this is probably a problem with win10. Is there already a workaround?

I have a valid license, but the update period expired a few weeks ago - i.e. I cannot update to the current version of Lightburn. My version is 0.9.11.

Is there a solution for the camera problem in later versions of Lightburn?

More details please:

  • Can you select the camera and it’s just not giving an image?
  • Does the camera work with the Windows Camera app, and just not with LightBurn?
  • Have you been through these options? Getting your camera to work in the hellscape of Windows 10
  • What is the ‘Capture System’ value set to in your preferences, at the bottom?

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