Camera Lens calibration issue

Having issues with the camera. I added it to my machine and plugged it in and the software freezes and won’t show any picture when I go to calibrate it. It shows it in the options list but other than that when I click on it the software freezes and won’t allow me to go any further. I’ve reset the computer etc. but no luck. It’s the 8mp 95 degree lightburn camera.

Is this actually freezing? Like, you can’t click ‘None’ or anything else? Or is it just not letting you go to the next page?

Wait… are you the same person I’m responding to on another thread? Edit: You are - please don’t double up our workload. It’s hard enough to keep up some days. :slight_smile:

Which version of Windows are you running? If it’s Windows 10, can you try the Windows Camera app and see if that sees the camera? Do you have Windows security options set to allow programs to use the camera?

Okay I won’t double up your workload. :upside_down_face: So it does show up in the camera app. So it is being allowed in Windows.

Check the security settings here, if it’s Win10. Click the start button and type camera settings, then pick the appropriate spot just to make sure LightBurn is allowed:

If you’re running antivirus software, sometimes they do it too.

Thanks For pointing that out Rick. That’s helpful. Yes that’s what sent me to this forum. Good insight.

Thank you. I am just catching up. You are correct and I will remove the above.

So I do have it set to where apps can access the camera. Under the “choose apps That can access camera” lightburn isn’t listed unfortunately. I’m going to see if the antivirus is blocking it but I’m fairly sure that’s expired.

You can likely add it to that list there. I’m not sure how (I haven’t done this myself) but there’s usually a way to choose.

If I scroll down in that camera settings view, I see ‘Allow desktop apps to access your camera’ with a switch. Do you have that enabled?


Under that, LightBurn is listed.

it’s just saying apps. And yeah lightburn isn’t listed just below that for some reason. Doesn’t specifically say desktop on mine.

Which version of Windows do you have? There’s a weird “Windows N” (I think?) that has fairly severe security restrictions in it.

Did you scroll all the way to the bottom of that window?

It’s windows 10. Yea I scroll to the bottom. This is what I get after the list of apps.

Try posting that image again? If you hit ‘Reply’ before it uploads sometimes they don’t attach properly. Can you find an ‘About’ page in the Windows settings? It should tell you which version you have. (Mine is “Windows 10 Home”, for example)

It is windows 10 home as well.

I hate Windows sometimes:

Starting with Windows 10 version 1903, an additional setting is available on camera and microphone settings pages that provides limited control over desktop apps that access your camera and microphone using supported methods

Does yours say which version? You might just need to run Windows Update.

It shows 1809. So maybe I’m way behind on updates? :exploding_head:

You can also try this: Right-click on the LightBurn desktop shortcut, click ‘Properties’, then go to ‘Compatibility’. Click ‘Run this program in compatibility mode for’ and choose Windows 8. I seem to remember someone else having to do this for a version of Windows, but I didn’t check which one.

It’s a possibility - I don’t know if this is something that comes with the updates, or just a different version of Win10, but if you haven’t updated in a while you could try it. The ‘compatibility mode’ thing might do it.