Camera loses alignment

Still having some trouble with camera. I got it all set up and solidly secured. It seems like I have to recalibrate every few times i use the machine…when i finish Calibrating its dead on…but after a few days i notice placement shifts,usually up and to the left…

The math isn’t changing, so something else is - either the camera is shifting slightly, or the laser lid, the home position, etc. How is the camera attached? Is the mount using anything pliable, like thick tape that would let the angle change?

I am having the same issue. My mount is secure and in no way moveable, unless I undo several screws.

I think it’s the hinge shifting. Could you attach a photo of your lid/door hinge open close up. A lot of time I have seen on some laser a little “play” in the hinge which would throw off the alignment on your camera.

Is the shift in the calibration always the same?



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To be honest, I gave up trying to fix the camera and do the calibration prior to doing a run, if I need to place things specifically. I think I’ve only ever got it once to be accurate in the last 18 months.

My camera is fixed to a stand that is behind the laser. The stand is solid and so is the camera, but it’s never in line the day after. The quality of the image is terrible, and I have a high quality webcam. Lightburn seems to downsize the resolution - but I’ve stopped asking for it to be fixed, as there are so many variables that I know it’s not perfect and probably never will be for me.

Maybe …

Today I had for the first time a placement shift and asked my people if anybody moved the camera. No.

Hm … after few hours I remembered that I changed the laser head with other focus plane…
Maybe is this also your cause?

I have not changed anything but ive worked on things with different thickness from thin (1/16) to 3/4…i did the alignment with the dots glued to a piece of 3/4 ply to keep flat…and the numbered alignment circles were cut on the same 3/4…i usually cut thin card board after as a test and its in point…a day or 2 later i move to a ceramic tile and it shifts…i have it mounted in an acrylic case double side taped to the lid (super thing tape like carpet tape) and then gorilla taped over the top…it hasnt budged…but i did notice the lid feels different when i close it

Just checked my machine real quick on my break and lid is definitely sticking on the front left a little now… but i would think that would shift things in the opposite thought? Because when i take a pic of the overlay, i have to shift my object to the left and up

That’s not LightBurn, exactly - Webcams default to low resolution. The media framework we use is really limited on Windows and doesn’t allow choosing a resolution, setting exposure, etc, so you’re stuck with the default resolution of the camera. That’s why we started selling our own - we got a manufacturer to tweak their camera firmware to default to the highest res instead of the lowest.

The next release of LightBurn includes a new camera system for Windows 8 and up that I wrote from scratch. It uses the GPU to offload some work from the computer so it takes less system resources, allows setting the resolution, as well as brightness and exposure, so it should be usable with any camera, not just ours, as long as you are running Win8 or later.

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This is exciting!! I look forward to it. :smiley:

You will need to redo the calibration if it captures at a larger resolution, so you’ll have a little bit of pain to muddle through first, but hopefully it improves from there.

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LOL I have to redo calibration so often, it’s not going to be any issues. :smile: I can do it in my sleep now. ha ha

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