Camera Mount for Galvo Lasers

There aren’t many places to mount a camera on the Galvo Head of a fiber laser, so I made a mount which works with the Lightburn Camera Housing. This clamps to the 40mm tubed connector just before the galvo head. Designed in Lightburn, extruded in Tinkercad and printed out on my filament 3D printer, all held together with some nuts and bolts I had in the workshop.


.stl here. Dropbox - Camera Clamp.stl - Simplify your life

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So the camera works with galvo style lasers ? What about the focal length…
Just asking… I would love to add a camera to my laser

This one, which is a Lightburn supplied camera is about 250mm off the bed, you can focus the camera.


Thanks Ash! I was just asking about this and was about to draw one up and print it.

I have had one of their cameras in my CO2 laser since they came out and use it all the time.

Printed out well…thanks again.

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New to lightburn, had to use ezcad2 with my fiber. I’m reading up on what I could use and saw the camera.
How do you use the camera? Is it for remote monitoring or can you design ontop of a live image?

It’s for positions designs on your item to be engraved, you can also us it for tracing the outline of objects.

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You bought these?:

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I bought the camera off Lightburn, but not the 8k as it wasn’t available when I got mine. The camera holder I printed myself, the file is available free from Lightburn.

But doesnt fibers do that already when you frame with lightburn? I mean Im thinking of putting a camera within an enclosure as I have a small child moving in and dont want any accidents but want to be able to see inside the box.

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Could something like this become available on the shop?

I don’t have a 3d printer…

Hey Ash. I really like this idea…Is the camera supposed to be in a fixed height from the table? Moving the camera up and down with the laser lens would negate that. Does it matter how far it is? Sizing, tracing, etc? Thanks!

You only move the head up and down to focus on the work being engraved so the camera distance should always stay the same.

Then I’m REALLY confused. The mount looks like it attaches to the tube that the laser runs through to the head. On a galvo laser, when you change lenses those focal distances change. So this would work for a single lens application only? I really like the idea, but want to make sure I understand before moving forward with a camera. Thanks!

I understand with Lightburn you create a new device for each lens type I’m not sure if that means you can then set the camera in each device to work with a different focal length.

The calibration for a head mounted camera would indeed be tied to the focal length of the lens. I’m currently investigating a couple Galvo mounts for LB cameras and we are going to be improving this functionality in the future.

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Awesome, thanks Colin!

Is there anyone out that that would be willing to sell this to me? Unfortunately I don’t have the ability to 3D print at the moment.

Thank You!

This is SPOT ON! A couple of questions, now that you have had it for some time, how well is it working? Second, could you share / send your STEP for the mount so I may print it as well? Good job by the way! Respectfully, Sean