Camera Not Aligning Up and Down

Hello Everyone:

I’m running into an issue where when I do the alignment test with the 4 circles and put the cross-hairs right in the middle, it’s not aligning properly up and down (North and South). When I did the first alignment test I created a small circle right in the middle of the circle that is engraved into the middle of the calibration pattern and when I ran the laser, left and right were pretty accurate but the circle was to low of by about an 1/8 of an inch.

What can I do to correct this if anything?

Thanks in advance…
Michael K.

  • Make sure the top of the material you’re tagging with the alignment test is at the focus point, and the test cut is as well.

  • Make sure the camera is in exactly the same place each time you capture (if the lid or camera mount is loose this will affect accuracy)

  • If those things are correct, you can use the X Shift / Y Shift numbers in the Camera Control window to offset the capture a little, and then click Save to save the settings.

I will give these a shot. Thank you.

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