Camera on laser

I have installed my thunder camera. The problem im having is I can only view the camera if i click the calibrate camera lens. When i do that i have no way of zooming in and when i click ok it disappears. Can someone explain how to bring up the camera for full use intead of just calibrating the lens and never to be seen after that…
yes im a newbie, but i didnt have to tell you taht tidbit!
Thanks for any help.

In LightBurn click Edit, click Settings and test either Custom or Default Camera capture system in the lower right corner.

Which model of laser engraver do you have and how have you connected it to the computer.

There are many other steps here that may be relevant.

Hi John,
I tried all the suggestions still nothing. Do you have any other suggestions, and perhaps an email address to email you directly.
Thank You,

How long is the USB cable? Are you running the USB cable directly from the camera into the computer? Does the USB port on the computer have a colored plastic insert in it? or is it black plastic?

Were all previous attempts at Camera Lens Calibration done with the laser powered? Are there any electric motors running nearby, fans, air conditioning window units, air compressors, refrigerators, furnace blowers on summer mode?

Do you have any external drives, shared directories or non-local file storage?

Hi John,
The USB be cord is not connected directly to the computer and the end is a black plastic connector. Its from Thunder and comes with the thunder camera package which i believe is about 10’.

I can bring the camera into view when i click calibrate camera lens however when i click ok at the end of calibrating it the view of the camera disappears.

I do have a window fan in my shop, i do not have a refrigerator, which also means no beer. I have no fans or blowers. I do not have an external drive. i dont know what a non-local storage is so im pretty sure i dont have that either.
I hope this helps with anaylizing my issue,

Not sure it matters i do not have internet in my shop.

That sure does eliminate most ‘non-local storage’ concerns.

Shared file services like Microsoft Onedrive or Google drive seems to trip up some folks and not others. If the camera lens calibration was attempting to save its settings out to a drive that you plug in and unplug, to a file that’s shared online or, on ‘the cloud’ (aka. someone elses server) it just seems to cause random problems.

Your shop computer… Laptop, Desktop or other?

Does it have a 64 bit Processor?
hint: Click the Windows icon bottom right on any screen, then click the gear to get Settings, then System (first on the list below), then (almost ironically) the last item on the list click ‘About’.

When I do this I see 7 lines… and a Copy Button. Click the Copy button, Come over to the reply window here and right-mouse click and select paste. I don’t know why Ctrl-c didn’t work.

I don’t need the private stuff so you can delete the Device Name, Device ID and Product ID, and Pen and touch. The remaining information is gold.

Installed RAM
System Type

The next step is probably the debug log. I’ll be mostly offline this weekend but I’ll try to pop on and see if I have enough for the next steps.

Hi John,

I have a laptop for my shop. Below is the is the requested information.

AMD Ryzen 5 5500U with Radeon Graphics 2.10 GHz

Installed Ram
8.00 GB (7.39 GB usable)

System type
64-bit operating system, x64-based processor

Hi John
I hope all is well with you.
Do you have another idea for me to get this camera up and running? I really would apprieceiate a better way to get this resolved faster. Can you provide a phone # to contact you or someone else directly. Its been about 2 weeks and I spent about 5 minutes replying to your questions. Im really hoping to have this issued resolved asap.

Thanks Jeff

@BottleWizard Please tag @johnjohn me directly or tag @Rick or @Colin to reduce delays. There are many messages here to answer to and we’re working hard to answer all of them.

I see no issues with the system performance or the memory available.

Does the camera disappear and the image become the background grey like the interface, or does it make a Black block where the image should be? If it makes a black-block Thunder shows that it could be related to the driver.

The fastest way to resolve this is to use the camera lens calibrations that are available from Thunder Laser.

Instructions for importing the lens calibrations in the Thunder Laser manual.

I am most often concerned with noise infiltration in USB cables as is Thunder Laser.

we always test by plugging the camera directly into a usb port on the computer, bypassing and additional adapters, cords, etc… to eliminate those cables and their installation as a variable

Thunder suggests testing with no adapters or extenders to confirm that the camera is functioning on their site - Linked above.

What kind of Lighting do you have overhead in your shop?
Do you have a fan or an A/C unit running?

Electric motors (including exhaust fans) can occasionally play havoc with data on long USB cables.