Camera overlay loading doesn’t work and doesn’t appear

Hi, I have a similar problem. The camera does show, but when I load the image for the background or I update the overlay, the background remains light. Overlay loading doesn’t work and doesn’t appear. I tried different things. From camera access control in WIN 10, change of operation under WIN 8 emulation, update of USB camera driver. Nothing helped. Does anyone have a solution? version LB 1.1.04, WIN 10, USB Camera 8MB

After the transition to version 1.1.04, there were other problems, such as the spontaneous expansion of windows on the right side. If I shrink the windows in LB, the program itself will expand the shrunken windows back to their original size. this happens mainly when the tab and the camera window are active. It hadn’t done that before.

Your post about the camera on the Win 10 is different enough that I moved it to your own thread. Hopefully we can get better traction there.

Hello, I am contacting you with one issue regarding the use of a USB camera. in this thread I have described the problem and it can be seen that more people have this problem with image interleaving. can anyone tell us if it is possible what happened that suddenly after updating LB to the latest version we have a problem. I’ve tried almost everything. the camera goes, but as soon as I trace or give an overlay, the image from the USB camera will not be transferred as a table background. it’s just white and even saves the white photo to bmp / png. thanks for the info how to break it up, because i really need a usb camera.

Hi guys, I’m new to Lightburn and I totally love it. However, I have a similar problem: When I calibrate the camera lens and alignment, the camera (and overlay) work like a charm.
But… when I turn off the system and turn it on again, the live camera image DOES appear in the Camera Control window, but I can’t see it as an overlay anymore. I have to go through the whole process of calibrating and aligning, and only then does it show as an overlay.
I have tried ‘save settings’ and importing backup preferences, this does not solve the problem.
Thanks for any help!

Hi, if it helped to at least partially solve the problem by calibrating the camera and aligning, then the problem will probably be elsewhere. I calibrated and aligned it, and the basis didn’t do the same. Instead, a white page / photo / background will load. If I save the background as an image, it will be saved in white. it’s pretty weird and restrictive because I can’t cut printed things with clipping.

thanks, maybe we’ll be able to solve the damn thing why the background from the USB camera isn’t suddenly displayed

Hello everyone, I managed to fix the problem with the camera and background.
I don’t know exactly what happened, but I did the following. He downloaded the new version 1.2.00 and installed it including the DSP driver. I have done camera calibration and camera alignment. Wow, it started working. So the problem with the image background from the usb camera is solved. I would be very interested in what has changed that it suddenly works. Or it helped that a new version was installed and some settings were overwritten. In any case, I can finally do normally.

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