Camera selection causing crash

I purchased and use one of the lighburn cameras. I tend to leave lightburn open and, when I plug the camera in and make any camera selection (no camera, FaceTime camera, or Lightburn camera), Lightburn crashes.

Do I need to close and reopen Lightburn every time I leave the laser and come back?

Why are you not just leaving the camera plugged in?

Because it’s a laptop.

So it’s not kept at the laser all the time?

Yep. It’s in my bag or at my desk unless I’m actually running a project.

Well it’s probably a bug that can be fixed. Until that happens though, it’s probably best to close LB then unplug the camera. Then plug the camera back in before loading LB.

I get there’s a workaround. Is there a better place to post so it gets noticed/diagnosed/fixed as a bug?

@LightBurn Fix this. Thanks. :stuck_out_tongue:

This entire forum is monitored by LightBurn support staff and the development team and we are very active and respond very frequently. The word “crash” or “closed unexpectedly” gets our attention quickly. Thank you for reporting any issue you are having.

Did you get any crash report presented when this happens? We want to see any report when this happens so please include when reporting.

I see Ruida listed in your profile which is helpful, but we are also going to need any other information that will help us reproduce here so we can track down and fix. More, in this case, is better.

Which OS and version number, Which version of LightBurn?

Sorry - I didn’t see a notification for this. I never receive a crash report when Lightburn unexpectedly closes.

I’m on OSX 10.15.3
Lightburn 0.9.11

No worries, let’s get this sorted. I have logged this in our tracking system and the team will take a look. I will point to this post for details. Anything further you can provide to help us reproduce welcome.

Thank you again for reporting this and helping to support the best LightBurn we can produce.

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Can you double check your OS security and privacy settings, and make sure that LightBurn is allowed to access the camera? If it isn’t allowed, I get this crash. If it is allowed, I’m unable to reproduce this.

Looks like it is set allowed.

Is your computer going to sleep in between, perhaps? I’m wondering if there’s some other missing detail.

I am getting the same issue. As soon as I press “capture” to calibrate, the software crashes. I had just updated the software and it was able to calibrate once. I was unhappy withe results and was trying to do it a second time… which now will not work. My camera is set up correctly and is recognized by my computer, WIN 10.

The original poster said if he plugs in the camera while LightBurn is already running, then chooses a camera, it crashes, but it does not crash if he launches LightBurn with the camera already plugged in. You say you are having the same issue, but then described something quite different, so, where exactly is it crashing for you?

I have the camera installed to my CPU and is dedicated to the laser. So no issues there. The crash (meaning the software goes unresponsive) occurs after this: 1) I open Calibrate Camera Lens 2) Select my camera, without issue and select “Next” 3) Select “Capture” - the software goes unresponsive for a number of minutes and returns with an error that reads “Image 0 (2592 x 1944) : Pattern NOT found - try again”. This happens every time now. I shutdown my CPU and restarted with no results. Varying the height of the dot paper does not fix it. I have gotten the camera to work before the 9.11 update however. It was not until after I updated the software that I wanted to dial in the precision that I found it not working. I hope that explains it better for you.

That’s not the same issue - Your honeycomb bed is likely visible to the camera, and being interpreted as thousands of circles to sort through. Cover it with a bedsheet or some paper and it won’t be a problem.

Ah, yes - I think that’s likely every time.

Sorry for the delay in getting back - shops been closed right now… anyway, the grid is showing very slightly, is this still the cause you think?