Camera shows up in list but feed no longer viewable

I installed the lightburn camera a few weeks ago, and had it all calibrated and running well. I had downloaded a webcam program so that I could digitally zoom in, to aid in focusing the camera before I calibrated it. After a couple weeks of using the lightburn camera I decided I didnt need the webcam app I downloaded for focusing, because it was annoying me with daily popups. I uninstalled it, and now lightburn shows the camera in the list but does not view it. I can, however, view the feed from the windows camera app, so the webcam is still working and sending information. I have tried uninstalling lightburn and reinstalling it to no avail.

Can anyone help me with this?

Is there a driver I should reinstall for the camera to work properly with LB?

If the camera works in other Windows programs the driver is fine.

I would attempt to determine if LightBurn has permission to access your camera or if (somehow) deleting the webcam app reversed some permissions.

This may be worth review:

@JohnJohn thank you very much for your reply. I have been extremely busy with work and a new puppy the last few weeks so my laser has sat idle and the email notification of your reply has sat with an “unread” status in my inbox so I remember to get to it when I have a free moment.

I have tried everything in that list. I dont have antivirus software, I have camera permissions on for Lightburn, and I’m running Windows 10 so I’m not sure if compatibility mode is available?

What are my next steps to sort this out?

update: lightburn is aware of all the cameras connected to my laptop, but cannot view any of them. I have a usb webcam connected, the built-in camera, and the lightburn camera and nothing displays in the camera calibration window when I click any of them in the list.


turned off permission to access the cameras restarted the computer, turned them back on and again restarted it to hopefully have the changes take effect assuming they lost access but it still showed as available. But these things didnt help. As you can see, the last time lightburn accessed any webcam was June 24. Other programs can access all my webcams, but lightburn knows they are all there but will not display any of them.

I’ve seen cameras not work if microphones weren’t enabled. It’s strange and I wouldn’t have considered it a step in the process.

In LightBurn, when you click Window and Camera Control, which camera(s) are available to LightBurn when you click the Top button in the Camera Control Window?

If you’re willing, select each option and let me know if anything unanticipated happens.

John, turning on the microphone access fixed it! Lightburn now has access to all cameras! Thank you very much for your help!


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