Camera troubles

1/ my camera does not stay on ,keeps going on and off. it has a error code not recognizing the camera.
2/ it flickers when it does comes on real Bad, cant calibrate because of theses issues ,HELP!!
using windows 10 pro chinazone 100watt laser with a Ruida 644 xs it sometimes recognizes it and sometimes not.

  • What operating system are you running on your computer?
  • Which camera do you have?
  • Are you connecting it with an extension cord, or just the cord it came with?

windows 10 pro
8mp 4k
connect with Extension
thanks OZ for getting back to me Chuck

The extension is the problem. It would need to be an active / amplified signal cable for it to work. USB has a maximum rated distance of 5M (16.4 ft). If you plug the camera into the PC with only the supplied cable it will likely work as expected.

also using a dell monitor and a onn 45’’ TV SCREEN hdmi

thats it SH@% thanks I will try it if I need another computer for it I will set it up next to it
thanks let you know what happens :roll_eyes: :open_mouth:

You should be able to get an active extension cable, it’s basically a USB hub with a single port, and a power supply. The active cable repeats the USB signal, it’s not just a longer wire, so they’re more likely to work.

oz your the man it works perfect! now to calibrate thanks so much for you help …my 10 year old grandson isnt here so I was o my own :joy:

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