Camera view not showing after update

after install of new version, I can no longer get the camera feed to show in the camera control. I uninstalled version 9.10 and reinstalled version 9.09 and can see the camera feed.

What camera, and what operating system?

If you go back to 0.9.10, there’s a switch in the setting to use the old camera system with the new update. Change this from ‘Custom’ to ‘Default’:

I am running windows 10 version 1903 with 64-bit operating system along with the lightburn 5 megapixel camera 60 degree lens.

I will give that try and let you know.

thank you

That did the trick, however this does not allow the use of the new camera features.

thank you

This is likely down to a Windows setting - Do you have LightBurn set to run in compatibility mode, possibly? Have you made sure that LigthBurn is allowed access to the camera in your Win10 settings?

Check through these:

not in compatibility mode but I will run through the link and let you know.

thank you

did a check on all the settings and this still will not work out of default mode.

I don’t know what to tell you - Windows is a giant steaming pile of … code. Try doing a cold reboot of your machine, as that has made the difference for some. I would also check to make sure that your Windows is current.

I’m running Windows 10 / 1903 myself (it’s what I develop on). I’ve seen issues with other installed software including libraries that conflict with the ones used by LightBurn, but I’ve never been able to track exactly what file(s) caused the problem.

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