Camera X Shift and Y Shift units?

Yes, that helps a lot. Thanks

One more question, on the camera X Shift and Y Shift, are the units for that always in mm?

It’s actually in percentage - they’re kind of meaningless units, and if you edit the numbers manually instead of using the up/down arrows you can get finer adjustments.

That explains a lot, I am never able to make the shift I entered equal the distance I thought it should be. So it is always just trial an error if I need to make an adjustment.

If the camera isn’t correctly calibrated there would be no way for me to use real units anyway. :slight_smile:
(I mean, it’d be close, but … )

But if the camera is off and has everything shifted 6mm toward the back it seems like a Y shift of 6mm should make everything line back up again. What am I missing?

You’re not wrong, but the camera image is in pixels, not mm. The math to line it up to actual physical units is tricky as is, and the shift values are in percentages because I’m shifting it in camera units, not bed units. They shouldn’t be necessary anyway - if they are, something about your physical mounting has changed, and if that’s the case, just a vertical shift won’t likely fix it - the keystone shape will have changed too.

Boss 1420 with 60 deg camera positioned on the lid so when the lid is open the camera is directly over the center of the bed.

I am not 100% why, but when I calibrate the camera it is perfectly aligned for about 5 or 6 days and then the Y axis begins to drift down getting worse over time till after about 6 weeks I will need to do the alignment again.

At first I thought I was having a problem with the lid not opening to the same position each time, so I added some bushings to the lift arms to remove any slack they had and I marked the lift arms to be sure the lid opens to the same position. But I still get the same drift over time.

The X axis stays perfectly aligned, but Y still drifts. So it does sound like a lid position problem, but I can not identify why. Is there any possibility of something in the code that contribute to the drift? (as i type that it seems like a really stupid question, but I am out of ideas)

It sounds like it could be mechanical flex, or the struts not opening to the same place every time. I don’t have that model laser to look at so I can’t say for sure what might be causing it, but even flex in the sheet metal where the hinges mount, or in the lid itself could contribute to this. If it wasn’t just the Y axis I’d be more tempted to believe it was the software.

I did not really think it could be software, but I had to ask before I build some type of mechanical lock that forces the door to the same position every time.

Or maybe I can just mount a simple laser pointer to the lid beside the camera so I can make sure the laser pointer is hitting the same exact spot on the workspace each time the lid opens.

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