CamFive Rotary Help Please

Im using a CamFive 100 watt laser.
2nd time using rotary for tumbler(s) & same issues as follow:

  1. Image is stretched. To get anything close to my artwork, i had to reduce the width from 100% down to 60% & the height from 100% to 19%. Final output hgt = 44mm tall.
  2. When “enable” rotary, laser does nothing at all. I have to uncheck “enable” rotary to get it to burn.
    I am attaching photos of my settings & thank you all in advance for any help that can be provided.

Where did you get steps/rotation value?

I assume you were given the roller diameter?


The rotation value was already there. I never changed it. The roller diameter was measured with a caliper. I will remeasure today with a digital to get exact.

This is what causes distortion. The machine is just rotating the rotary instead of moving the head. If these are off, so will it be reflected when you lase your artwork…

At least ensure you have the proper values… Not sure of you machine, but this post should clarify the setup and you can at least confirm it’s correct.

Let us know …


Thanks for the responses. Will take a look & report back w/more info.


What happened when you clicked the Test button in the rotary setup window?