Can anyone with a 700 x 500 machine send me a copy of their machine settings?

I had a machine with a TL-3120 and the controller died.
I’ve replaced it with an AWC708S and I’m wondering if anyone could send me a copy of their settings as a starting point. I have no back up doh!!
I know all machines are different.
Although if you have a machine like this they might be pretty similar!

Just in case anyone finds this thread in the future, there is an actual photo of someone’s settings here somewhere (sorry lost it now) which helped me as a starting point!

I’ll have a look for it.
Can you check your private inbox to see if the photo was sent directly?
click your profile icon on the far right,
click the down arrow box at the bottom marked “V”
you should now be at your profile page and you should be able to see an envelope icon next to the word messages. have a look in the inbox there.

the notification that may have told you that you got the message and then directed you to your inbox may have been deleted or misplaced.

the Inbox looks almost identical to the forum so it’s easy to jumble those two locations up. I’ve certainly done it and people have certainly sent me forum posts.

No it wasn’t a message, it was definitely a post I happened on.
I have so many lightburn forum posts in my history I can’t find it!
Don’t look for it for my sake anyway - I no longer need it.

Ok - found it! - if anyone ever needs it, it’s here

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