Can i import or view config/settings file from old mac?

can I import my settings or configuration file from my old Mac to my new one? That way I save myself a lot of trouble.

Yes, you can. Here is the first link I get from searching “move pref”:

Actually I think the only thing I got configured that id like to get is the grbl settings. Are those stored in a file as well? Where would I find that in a mac installation?

Those should be stored on the controller, I believe. You can open LB and go to your console, and type $$ and it should print them all out for you.

oh i thought those were stored on the software

I’m not 100%, as I don’t have any GRBL machines, but I believe they’re all stored right on the controller.

oh ok so the only thing i would have to control on the new software install would the the origin (front rear left right) and the workspace size, right?

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Yes, your grbl settings are saved on the controller. The other file / things to consider when moving to a new system, any LightBurn Materials Library (.clb) files you may have created along with any of the fonts you want.

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