How do I move preferences and cut settings to new computer?

I’ve installed lightburn on a New computer in our office. It works OK, but the old computer had a bunch of cut settings for different materials: plywood, acrylic, etc. But they do not appear in the new install. How do I move them over from the old computer to the new one?

You can copy the prefs.ini (‘File’->‘Open prefs folder’) and your materials library files to the new system.

Thanks! What are the materials library files names?

Materials library files use the .CLB extension.

I haven’t looked at this portion of LB yet - Is it possible to ‘point’ the LB to pull library info from a shared file on a server? In our case, we have multiple PCs and would want to centralize this info in one place easily without needing to update dozens of PCs every time there’s a change.

Yes, for the Materials Library files. You can host these files on a local drive, networked storage, hosted storage or a combination of these, so you have a lot of configuration choices to suit your desired workflow.

So, on Windows, where can I find these .CLB files? If there are none, does lightburn use a default materials library? And if so, is that in prefs.ini, or hardcoded into the executable, or what?

Because Lightburn interface shows me several obviously customized cut options, but searching out CLB files comes up empty. (So far…)

I found the Lightburn folder.
I see a Lightburn.PDB file, a pallete.json file, and a couple of DAT files.
Are any of them what I need, To get the materials library over to the new machine?

You have to created your own Materials Library with at lease one entry, for this file to be generated. There are no library files distributed by LightBurn as these are built by each user for their specific system and setup.

Well, a search of the entire system found no .CLB files.
Is there a way, like with prefs.ini, I can get Lightburn to tell me where they are?

If you have not explicitly built your own by creating an entry and saving the library, you will not find one. There is not currently a similar way of pointing the user to where they have saved the library files they have generated.

Well, thanks, Rick but I guess I’ll just have to re-create them manually. There are definitely customized materials but I cannot find any CLB files anywhere.

Maybe there is (or should be) a guide about moving Lightburn to a new machine somewhere, and if so maybe it addresses this?

Looks like the default location to save them is in C:\Users\UserName\My Documents
If you click the “Load” button in the Library tab, it will show you the folder that it’s in.

In the prefs file, look for “LastLibraryPath” - that’s the full path of the last library you were using.

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