Can i see the laser dot always present?

hi all… I state that I tried a search but the forum replies that the searches are temporarily disabled, so I try like this; while I was writing this post, similar topics appeared to me but none similar

so, just a question:
I have a 20W Atomstack and I would simply like to see the low power laser trace every time I turn it on;

In “Device settings” there is the option “enable laser activation button”, but clicking on that button then the laser turns off each time it is used, there is the possibility of seeing it always on at low power, when it is not do you ask to engrave or cut?

If you hold the Shift key when framing it will turn on. Otherwise it turns off as a safety measure.

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First of all thanks for your answer

but pressing or holding the Shift key while framing, nothing happens

Do I have to resign myself? (I always turn off the laser when I’m not using it, so I don’t need the safety measure)

Read here:

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as already written, I already knew the procedure for enabling the crosshair point but reading that answer I also understood how to use the shift key and enable it during framing …
it’s much better this way, thanks again

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