Can LightBurn do this?

I am trying to place an inlay on a dog tag. I have already engraved the tag that is shown in red. Now, I want to cut some veneer to place on the engraved area. I want the top and bottom part of the inner circle removed and keep the curved sides as part of the veneer. Any ideas would be appreciated.

If you don’t mind dropping the .lbrn2 file on the reply window so we can look at it, it would help.

Do you have a drawing of the resultant vernier or one of the engraved hole…


Draw two rectangles over the areas you want removed.

Select the circles then one of the rectangles and hit the boolean subtract button. Repeat for the other rectangle.

What size will it be?

A photo of what I want it to do with the inlay. In red, 1 solid piece
Photo of the engraved tag
LightBurn file.

new DOG TAGS.lbrn2 (30.4 KB)

Tried all the boolean operations without success.

Size is 38.5 mm

Are you trying to do something like this?

dog-tags-0.lbrn2 (33.8 KB)

Did it using the ‘node’ editor…


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That is exactly what I want to do. Thank you so much Jack.

If you need help with this and have problems with the node editor speak up… It’s pretty intuitive, but still a learning curve. Worth learning.

I ‘inserted’ nodes where the lines crossed and deleted the line segments to leave the results you see.

If this is the ‘fix’, mark the thread solved… :slight_smile:

Good luck


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This is definitely the fix, just still trying to figure out how you did it. :upside_down_face:

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I took your original artwork.

Where the horizontal lines cross the circles, I selected the line and went into node edit node-edit-icon

If you hover the mouse over the icon it has a list of the options you can use.

Zoom into where the lines cross or where you want them to connect and ‘insert’ a node on that line.

Select the other line and place a node there where they cross.

You should be able to delete one of the line segments you don’t want.

When both ends of the line segment are done, you can delete the line segments of the inner circle

I had to use ‘auto-join selected shapes’ to make everything a closed shape.

Sing out if you have issues… the link has a < 20 minute video on using the editor…

Take care.


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I watched that video and a few others. I probably burned out too many brain cells back in the 70’s. hahaha

I’ll try that and if I still have a problem, I’ll reply.

Thanx for the help

You don’t need to use the NODE editor at all. In my image, pick the square first then the inner circle. Then use the Boolean tool I highlighted in YELLOW


Yep that was what I advised back in the 2nd reply. They did say:

Whether that was because the circles were grouped or some other reason… :man_shrugging:

That worked great. The reason it didn’t work for me is that I was using lines instead of a box. Thanx for pointing out my mistake.

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