Can my trial be extended>

I am brand new to using a laser and had several issues getting my machine and lighburn to work. I think I like the software but would like to make sure 1st

We can do that for you. :slight_smile: Just send an email, include your trial key (copy and paste to ensure accuracy), to, and we can extend there.

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Thanks Rick, So far you guys have awesome customer service.

my email isnt going through

I looked into our systems using your email used here, and find you have communicated with the support email team about a month ago when they extended your trial for the first time. Not sure which email address you are trying now.

We want folks to trial to ensure they are making an informed decision and are willing to extend the trial to do so. Is there something in particular you want to test that you have not found success, we can help with?

I finally got lightburn to work with my chinese laser that came with no instructions. Can I get a little more time to work with it to make sure I am good with it bef485524f3-655b-4230-af49-a143093ac8b6ore purchasing the license.

I moved your double post here. Please don’t double up on posting the same issue. It will get addressed. Posting the same thing in several locations just adds more work, and potentially slows or delays our responses.

Sorry about that. Just trying to make this work. I clicked the link you posted and added my trail number

Please provide this information so we can help and assist you with what you are having difficulties with.

I was able to complete a couple things then it went back to no light turning on when i frame or hit start

I have extended your trial to help. But you are not providing much for us to use to assist with resolution. Please review the following and provide additional information based on this format.

I have a 15000 wt blue cnc laser engraver. I am running Windows 11 on my computer. I am using a GRBL controller. My issue is the light isnt coming on when I frame or start a project. I have changed speeds and power and dpi. I was using threshold and completed a project. When I went to do the same project I didnt change anything but the laser didnt come on. It moves and comes home. I have unplugged USB. I have shut down the laser and lightburn. I have also started from scratch and still no light. This happened when I first got my laser and I have no Idea what I did to make it work. But now I am drawing a blank.
Hope this better helps explain what I was trying to say in earlier comment.

If you’re willing to share, I’d like to look at your LightBurn File.
You can drag and drop it into a reply here.
If it’s private you can send it by direct message.

The other information that would be helpful in the first round is the Machine Settings.
Open the Console window and type the following:
then press enter. Please copy and paste that report in a reply here.
This will give us a look at how your laser engraver is set up.

One final chunk of info for the first go round… In LightBurn, on the top row, click Edit then wheel down and click Device Settings. Use a screen capture tool to grab the info in that pop-up window. It’s much cleaner than some of the screen photos from cel phones we get. :smiley:

Sorry they are screenshots of my settings.

I’d still need the $$ report from the Console window in LightBurn to confirm that LightBurn and your laser are thinking along the same lines. :slight_smile:

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