Can we put LightBurn's Version and Change Log Information in the Forum somewhere?

It would be nice to be able to see what version of LightBurn had what changes made to it somewhere in the forum for quick reference. Or maybe a link to the in the FAQ?

The news blog is the best place, though your version of LightBurn has a file that came with it called ChangeLog.txt that includes that as well.

I’m not seeing the changelog for 9.01 on the news/blog. And I can’t find it anywhere else.

I’m having issues with 9.00 and want to see if an issue has been resolved in either 9.01 or 9.02. If I can’t find the changelog, then I can’t look at the issue list.

Version 9.00 change log is on the news/blog, 9.02 was the next official release (late last night) and you can find the changes from the announcement here:

The 0.9.01 and 0.9.02 changes were small, and mostly to clean up a few issues in the release, and fix a communication issue with GCode systems. When you say “I’m having issues” can you elaborate? Edit: Saw your other post, and replied there. No changes to Z handling on Ruida in this version.

@Rick I understand that, but it’s not in one nicely organized place. Only two of the three latest change logs are available in two different places. Without posting on the forums it’s not apparently exactly what was in the 9.01 release. When you’re looking for changes, you really need to have a back catalog to look through.

@LightBurn Yeah, but there’s no way for me to know that there small without wasting your time on the forum. I stand by my request for a single place to catalog all changes. Either here or on the news blog or somewhere. I don’t care, but it should be somewhere. Especially with LightBurn being updated frequently (which is awesome!), sometimes I get 3 or 4 versions behind pretty fast and I’d like to just be able to read about what are all the changes between my version and the current version without having to waste everyone’s time posting on the forums.

About this issues: I posted issues on another thread which you replied to already. Thought it would be cleaner.

I understand what you are looking for. LightBurn is pretty good at providing details with each release and doing so to a consistent locations like the news/blog, but you are correct, the 9.02 change info is currently only listed in the forum. As we make changes to the way we provide support and information (changing from FB groups to this forum), this temp hiccup will get sorted.

I see Oz answered your other post. Is there another issue you are trying to track down we can help with?

I do normally update the news log with all release info, and will with these as well, but I was trying to get them out quickly because they were primarily to fix impacted users.

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