LightBurn 0.9.02 released

This is a small release, mostly to fix the issues with GCode connectivity introduced in the laser version. A number of other small fixes and a feature or two are included as well.

  • Fixed connectivity issue with GCode devices
  • Fixed Text HSpace and VSpace glitching in Inch mode
  • Fixed a crash when importing an empty AI file with a missing metadata reference
  • Use last library save / load path for Load / Save of new libraries
  • Fixed occasional crash when starting a job using Beginner mode
  • Fixed numpad jogging for Linux
  • Enabled HW flow control for Smoothieware (should improve image throughput)
  • Auto device wizard asks for size if not found, turns off auto-home if homing disabled
  • Added Stucki dither mode (slightly faster than Jarvis, slightly crisper)
  • Fixed Marlin baud rate parsing for non-English locales
  • Z move speed is now saved / restored with prefs
  • Disabled numpad jogging when in text entry mode

So, if I don’t experience any problems, no need to bother with this update (except for the dithering, but I do that in an image processing program, to be able to jump back and forth with other operations to fine tune image quality)?

The keypad jogging during text mode was an annoyance for some, and if you run Inch mode the text spacing controls were off. If you use a DSP, or had an existing 0.9.02 version that’s working for you, no you wouldn’t need to update.

Sorry Oz only saw the update while I was at work. Thanks fixed the connection on mini Gerbil.
Cheers for the fast response

Does this address the AWC rotary issue?

i downloaded the installer for 9.02 mac and the program wont open when i try and run it on my mac. i get a “Lightburn quit unexpectedly” pop up

@banjags, This responses are from your original post less than 23hrs ago and have not changed:

ok was hoping was fixed in 0.9.02. Darn

yeah… no. I know Oz sets a really high bar with how fast bugs get fixed but this is a little more involved.

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And not a bug. Supporting rotary on the AWC has not been released as of 9.02. Coming, but not there yet.

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Jim - Which version of MacOS do you run? (And have you run other versions of LightBurn before?)

MacOSX version 10.7.5, first version of lightburner or any software, seting up a Darkly Labs Emblaser 1

Please save the crash report as a text file and send via email to developer at lightburnsoftware dot com for review.

Hi Jim - LightBurn requires MacOS 10.11 or later. 10.7.5 will not be compatible.