Cannot connect to SnapMaker 2.0 A350 from Lightburn - MacBook Pro

I’ve tried to follow everything I could find on the forums.

Lightburn is installed.
The SM 2.0 A350 is up and does work.

  1. I added the SM as a device.
  2. I installed the CH34X Serial Driver per the accompanying instructions.
  3. MacBook Pro was rebooted.
  4. The SM was powered up after the USB cable was attached.
  5. I selected the SM 2.0 as the ‘device’. There is no device to choose from.
  6. I entered "ls /dev/tty* " in a terminal window. No device similar to tty.wchusbserial was listed.

Does anyone have an idea where I went wrong? Do I have the correct driver installed (it downloaded from Snapmaker site). So far I have spent two days looking through the documentation and support forums and this is as far as I have been able to go.

Apple > About this Mac > System Report > USB

What does it say about attached devices.

And just an observation, you shouldn’t need to load a driver on a modern Mac OS.

First I installed the CH34x Driver downloaded from the SM site. Result:
Result CH34xc Install copy

I open About This Mac -> System Report -> USB
The overall:

Then the 3 Bus sections listed (in sequence):
Bus #1

Bus #2

Bus #3

Still Absolutely no evidence of a connection to the SM A350

In this case, you should contact the manufacturer for assistance with why your machine will not show up on your computer. Until it shows up in this list and has a COM Port, LightBurn is not yet in the picture.

You don’t need external drivers for CH340 or FTDI chips on any Mac OS subsequent to Catalina - likely that has contributed, given the signing/security requirements for external drivers.

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