Cannot cut round holes


I have a problem cutting small holes 1.8mm with my Sculpfun S9 20W laser. Holes are not round. Attached picture. I have activated option to reduce backflash, but so far no luck getting the small hole round.

Do you have any suggestions?

Thank you for any help.

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This is most likely due to mechanical backlash or binding. Check that pinion gears are not loose and review belt tension. Disable the “hide backlash” until everything is optimized mechanically. For binding make sure that everything is moving freely and without friction point. Adjust eccentric nuts if required to reduce overtension scenarios.

First of all, the S9 is a 5W laser (just in case you weren’t aware). Just for completeness.

Check this guide on how to tune the mechanics correctly: Guide to mechanical adjustments and maintenance

If you have done that, you should remove all software functionality to reduce backlash, this is just circumventing the problem, not curing it.

Hi both,

Thank you for your help. Will try this tomorrow and report back. I have tested the same program in Lightburn on Atomshack 5w and circle is nice and round.

And my mistake regarding S9. It is S30 20W.

Thanks again.

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