Cannot delete nodes

I can’t delete these nodes.
I wish to delete these teeth and connect the orange line instead. i am hovering above the nodes but can’t delete them. if i delete a point it will delete the entire line all around.

What am i missing?

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The lines likely aren’t connected to each other. That looks like it was generated by one of the online box makers.

To do the thing you’re trying to do, select all the lines, press Alt-J to join them together. Then you’ll be able to delete nodes without nuking the lines.

Sorry, not working for me. please have a look.
File attached. (rename .txt to .dxf)NodesCannotBeDeleted.txt (39.1 KB)

Yes, the file was generated by
Edited in Fusion and cut the top jagged edge. Wish to do things like that inside LB

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I’m so dumb :slight_smile:
Watched your video and still couldn’t delete the nodes just to realize i was trying to delete these points instead of just clicking on them. less intuitive but works.

Thank you.

Try this: Point the mouse at the node edit tool and press the F1 key.

Well, - you can’t miss it when you know what you’re doing.
The Invisible Gorilla.


I am confused.
In the above discussion i realized i need to left mouse click on node to delete it.

now when i practice with , i delete nodes by pressing D - exactly as my very first post in this thread which started this whole discussion.

now when i open this same project with the jagged edge box - i can delete nodes by pressing D and not by left clicking on these.

this is really confusing.

  • for sure i am missing something here
  • for sure something is counterintuitive to me.

I will read the manual again but can’t say this is intuitive for me.
same goes to snapping. i need to get my head around the logic but what’s intuitive for me does not work for me.

You never deleted nodes by right clicking - it’s always been by pressing D.

Got it now.

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