Cannot find laser on my set up effort

Just setting up Lightburn for the 30 day free trial. When I am doing the process I get to find my laser, click the button, next window click next, device window stays blank. The laser is powered up, it homes when turned on, the laptop recognizes it when plugged into a USB port, have tried 3 different ones. The laser is an Ortur 20W, the laptop is an older unit running windows 7, 32 bit. Where do I go from here?

Possibly to the Ortur site to download their drivers. :slight_smile:

Once downloaded and installed, LightBurn should recognize the laser as a GRBL device.

Thanks will try

went to the site and clicked on drivers but will not open

This is an issue for the nice folks at Ortur, not something LightBurn can resolve. These are not our drivers, they are produced and supported by Ortur. :slight_smile: You may need to unzip the main file to retrieve the rest contained within.

Thanks. Thought that might be the case but also thought maybe someone here had encountered a similar problem.

Hi, may be a bit late now but once you have downloaded the correct firmware you must make sure it’s unzipped properly and also make sure to turn off windows security while you are updating.
Not a problem if you get it wrong, just redo as i found myself doing several times,

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