Cannot get the ortur laser master 2 to cut through 3mm wood


I have spent many days trying to get my laser machine to cut through wood, it cuts about half way through but its not a clean cut and is leaving a smokey shadow. I’ve exhausted everything with the speed and power and still not having any luck, any suggestions pleaseeee?

Laura, diode laser machines are engraving machines and not intended for cutting through materials other than very thin and soft things like paper, cardboard and balsa wood. I also sometimes have problems with my 40 Watt co2 laser, cutting through 3-4mm plywood, even though I only buy “laser suitable” plywood. I only use my 5.5Watt diode laser for engraving.

What kind of wood are you trying to cut? What laser module do you have?

I used to have trouble cutting through wood. I could do it with enough passes, but it took a long time.

I have added an air assist Laser Master 2 Air Assist by red_rider95 - Thingiverse and 18L/min aquarium air pump to my laser and can now easily cut through soft woods. Also as a side benefit there is very little smoke with a good air assist.

Now I can get my Laser Master 2 with 15 watt diode to cut through 3.2mm (1/8") basswood in 4 passes at 100% power at 500mm/min.
I can also cut 5mm (3/16) basswood in 4 passes at 100% power at 250mm/min.

I have tried all kinds of wood, I am completely new to all of this so just experimenting

My laser is the ortur laser master 2 20W, I have seen lots of forums online saying to get an air assist, are these easy enough to add to the laser?

Thank you for your help, I will give it a try

Something as simple as just an air hose aimed at your laser spot will help. The stronger the air (within reason) the better for cutting. It blows the junk out of the cut (kerf) and allows the laser beam to reach the uncut wood fibers.

I designed my air assist to also keep any smoke out of the laser beam so there is no lost power before the beam reaches the surface.

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