Cannot see the bottom of page with Mac mini can't pull the bottom of page up

The lightburn page is too tall and will not let the curser go to the bottom to bring the bottom of the page up.

Is this a new issue or a persistent problem? On my Mac Mini M1 You can look at the system preference and change the display setting. or it may be as easy as resetting the default lay out on the top of the Lightburn on the Window tab firs entry.

I am using two monitors and I changed the resolution on the monitor that I run Lightburn then changed it back. Other programs did the same thing until I refreshed them, then everything was fine. Lightburn does not have the refresh icon ( the circle with an arrow), I haven’t tried deleting Lightburn and then reinstalling it. Will do that next.

There is a way to override the High DPI behaviour on the monitor. This may be worth a look:

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