Device Settings dialog messed up in 1.1.01


I’ve been using your software on trial and was about to purchase today when I noticed a new version. I have downloaded it and for the most part I’m not having any issues with the exception of the Device Settings window. I run a 4K monitor @ 3840x2160 (the recommended setting in Windows 10) and the scale at 200% (again the recommended setting) and this is what I get when I open the device settings dialog:

As you can see, everything is bunched up and not very readable. I can drag the window larger and access all of the settings, but if I close and reopen the window it’s back to the scrunched up version. Not a huge issue but something that should be addressed. Hopefully this gets addressed and I can move forward with my purchase.

Please let me know if you need any additional information.


You can reduce font size in LightBurn Edit->Settings. This should avoid the issue for you in that case.

There’s another way to handle this, with the OS. Try the following:

Right-click on your short-cut for LightBurn then choose Properties->Compatibility->Change High DPI settings. Turn on Override high DPI scaling behavior and choose System (Enhanced) and then OK.

You can see the difference this made for the Circular Array window. When you launch LightBurn chances are your Toolbar Icon Sizes are going be huge and you just need to go into the settings for the Display and change the Toolbar Icon Size.

That did the trick! I can still read the text (old eyes and even older glasses) and the dialog windows are much better. Toolbar was HUGE, and my window layout was messed up, but I got that all fixed.

Great support! Thank you!

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